Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nuclear -Victory!

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DC Circuit Court of Appeals rules in favor of BREDL regarding nuclear waste disposal

No confidence!

On June 8, 2012 the DC Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League and two other public interest groups on nuclear waste disposal. The Court vacated the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s waste confidence decision and sent it back to the NRC for an assessment of the environmental consequences of failing to establish a nuclear waste repository. In the same decision, the Court ruled for the State of NY that the NRC’s analysis of temporary spent fuel storage impacts at reactor sites was insufficient on both the issues of (a) potential for future leakage and (b) potential for catastrophic fires.

In 2011 the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League helped set this challenge in motion based on our interventions in nuclear power plant licenses. We provided standing and evidence from our license interventions at Bellefonte (AL), WS Lee (SC), North Anna (VA) and Vogtle (GA). The other two clients were Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, and Riverkeepers, Inc.

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